Tuesday, November 27, 2012

TMNT Repaints: Mondo Gecko and Fugitoid

Mondo Gecko SOLD
As a young skater wannabe, Mondo Gecko was always one of my favorite good guys, but even as a kid the lack of detail in his paint job bothered me.  I remember taking an ink pen and filling in the eye sockets and nose of his skull knee pad.  At the time I might have liked his bright yellow shirt and purple pants, but for my custom job I've given him a black shirt with a Misfits-looking skull to match his devilock. I think he looks a bit more scene kid now.

I liked Fugitoid just as much, with all his cool weapons that could attach to his body.  I almost didn't repaint him because I've always liked his original paint job.  Even though I think he is completely silver in the comic,  I like him better with more of a steampunk look.


  1. Mondo Gecko was one of my favorite toys as well. As a youth in Alaska I desired to skateboard, until I tried it when visiting family in the lower 48, and then falling so bad I decided I would leave the tricks to the talented lizards. Loving all your artwork as always.

    1. Ha, yeah I was never any good at skating. I made a pretty good poseur though. Thanks for checking out my paint jobs.

      Wonder what it would be like growing up in Alaska. Never been there.