Sunday, September 20, 2015

Harley Poe Halloween Shows 2015

Harley Poe at the Brass Rail in Fort Wayne, IN
 Wowwy wow wow, it's been almost a year since I've written on this blog. Are people still doing blogs? Here are some awesome pics from a Harley Poe Halloween show at the Brass Rail in Fort Wayne, Indiana, a few years back. These shots were taken by Ryan and Erica Freeman. They do such wonderful work. Check them out here: These photos represent the magical times I've had sharing the stage with great musicians, playing in the little horror band I started just as my first band Calibretto 13 was calling it quits. Calibretto only lasted I think four or five years, where as I created Harley Poe back in 2001. It's been going for a long time.
Thanks for singing along you guys!
 Life is crazy. Things sneak up on you. Changes sneak up on you. Nothing lasts forever. Sometimes you're just forced to deal with changes you don't want, and other times you happily accept those changes. Changes are happening in my life. I'm trying to stop some of them from happening. I'm trying to deal with them. I'm also ready and willing to accept a few of these changes that I've seen coming for awhile. One being the indefinite hiatus of my dark child Harley Poe.
Wes Plantenga making the guitars sound good.
 I'm not sure if I could ever truly lay to rest something that is already dead and has been such a strong voice in my life, but I'm at least going to give this demon some time off. I need to save what's most important in my life. I need to try a different direction. I need to break free from a mind set that has enveloped me and my family. I want to shoot for other goals and try my hand at things I never imagined I would. I know my band mates aren't excited about this decision, but it's very clear to me.
Multi-talented Gregg manfredi on keys, melodica, and vocals before he moved to bass guitar.
 This doesn't mean I won't be writing or releasing music anymore. As a matter of fact I will be releasing a Harley Poe album called Fallen down digitally through CDbaby this October (more on that later) as the band plays our last 3 shows of the year. It's very fitting that we end it on October 30th. Afterwards I'll be releasing our extra merchandise through my online store So stay tuned if you can't make it to Indiana this October to buy a Harley Poe shirt or CD. There might be some merch left when the party's over. For those close by or willing to travel, here are our final shows of the year:,949314071797470

Percussionist Cristian Riquelme with his unique drumming style all his own.
Come see us and celebrate Halloween with the band that revels in this time of year. I have no idea what the future holds for Harley Poe. Maybe it will die forever next month. Maybe the nasty little demon will just go on vacation. Maybe he'll take over someone else's head for awhile. Or just maybe he'll go through some changes as well. Regardless, I need a break. I have other stories to write; other songs to sing; a different view in which to see life. Stay tuned.
Kevin Phillips behind me, back when he played bass guitar for HP.