Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Grizzle Variant

Here is the other version of my Grizzle figure I'll be selling in my shop soon. I'll have available six of each figure. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Head-Man and the Masters of the Cranium: Grizzle

This is Grizzle. He is a member of the Evil Head group. He is also one of three or four (possibly five) non articulated resin figures I'll be releasing in my spare time. I'm not one to bootleg or use parts that were sculpted by other artists, but this series is an exception due to the title I've chosen for these guys. This guy is a parody of the He-Man series I used to watch as a child, but he's also a love letter to the He-Man figures and to many other toys and movies that influenced me as a child, so I wanted to use parts from the actual toys.  Imagine a Mad Scientist throwing together a creation made from the parts of Madballs or Weird Balls, He-Man action figures, and happy trolls, all while watching California Raisin commercials and an unhealthy amount of zombie movies and other horror films such as John Carpenter's The Thing, Gremlins, and films like Don Dohler's The Alien Factor.  This should give you an idea as to where I'm coming from.

Grizzle was sculpted (with the exception of the Grizzlor parts), molded, cast, and painted by me and will be in my store for $75 and he'll come with some 2-D artwork by yours truly. Thanks for taking the time to look.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Anticristo 666

Here is Frank Mysterio's Anticristo 666 I painted, sculpted by Chauskoskis. I love this design. I love this figure. As always, thanks for looking.