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Harley Poe: Pagan Holiday (lyrics)

There it is, the new Harley Poe album. It will be available at HorrorHound Weekend in Indianapolis this Sept 6th. The band will be playing at the event on the 7th, so don't miss your chance to get the album as soon as it's released. Get your tickets here: 

Harley Poe's Pagan Holiday is the first album released on Horrorhound Records, and the band is thrilled to be a part of this new endeavor from our friends who run this fabulous magazine, convention circuit, and record label (which is off to a great start). Pagan Holiday will be released digitally, on CD format, and on limited edition vinyl in three different colors.

The band is excited about this record for a number of reasons. Not only does it focus on Halloween, among other dark themes such as revenge, loneliness, depression, and death, but we've brought in two new members to help us achieve our vision this time around. Listeners can expect Harley Poe's usual raw, acoustic sound, but with a few surprises thrown into the mix. For Wretched. Filthy. Ugly. we picked up some electric guitar and keyboards and took the more punk route with a solid drum beat. For Satan, Sex and No Regrets we unplugged our instruments, calmed down on the drums, and went for a more simple, folk vibe. Pagan Holiday, in our opinion, is a perfect combination of the two. I again went to the studio and laid down the songs alone, recording vocals and acoustic guitar simultaneously without a click track. Gregg threw down upright bass, Wes flavored with his guitjo, and Cris banged away on his kit (with mostly brushes). Afterwards, Greggy had free reign to shine as he brought in Jake Strakis on accordion and Wesley's cousin Jordan Ingle on mandolin. Rejoice fans, for that creepy little instrument that graced the first two Harley Poe CDs has made its return, and I can't see us letting it go again anytime soon.

We hope you dig this new record as much as we do. We feel this could possibly be our best effort, and I especially am very impressed with what the boys did to my simple little songs that were no doubt recorded out of key and off tempo. I'm aware that I've been extremely lucky in finding awesome people to back my band and release my albums, but more than that I'm grateful for the super talented musicians who continue to put up with my idiosyncrasies and enhance the second rate bullshit I try to pass off as music.

Lyrics by Joe Whiteford

Vengeance the Demon (Instrumental)

Close the Door
Jebodiah, close the door. We don't want him comin' round no more. He's got a hex on his life. Think about your kids and your wife. You've always been a good man. You always help when you can. But we suggest you mind your own. Don't want that thing near our home.
We all were good and she was bad. We blamed an innocent man. The fires did not take; they just got her mad. It's better only one face her wrath.
Jebodiah I'm gonna let you go. Ain't no room for heroes at this show. Don't you know that you can't win. He's been marked, there ain't no saving him. You interfere, you'll die as well, if you're gonna tempt the gates of Hell. Don't you worry, we'll watch over your kin, 'cause we're never gonna see you again. 
Keep away from Pumpkinhead unless you're tired of living. His enemies are mostly dead; he's mean and unforgiving. Laugh at him and you're undone, but in some dreadful fashion. Vengeance he considers fun and plans it with a passion. Time will not erase or blot a plot that he's been brewing. It's when you think that he's forgot, he'll conjure your undoing. Bolted doors and windows barred, guard dogs prowling in your yard, won't protect you in your bed--nothing will from Pumpkinhead. (Pumpkinhead poem by Ed Justin)

I wake up in the morning and I fry myself a couple of eggs. She walkin' round the kitchen showing off them lovely legs. The boys are in the living room watching all their morning shows. I sit down with my coffee, watch them super heroes battle their foes.
And Oh! I gotta go! I gotta make somebody my foe, 'cause I'm just a lonely man. 
Part of the outcrowd; it's just me. Part of the outcrowd; I'll always be. No matter what I do I'll always be part of the chosen few. Part of the outcrowd, but it's just me. Part of the outcrowd and I'll always be. I'm doin' it alone, but I'm doin' it for all of you. 
Now who is wrong and who is right? What's the plot? Why do they fight? Those villains got me feelin' like maybe I ain't so bad. And there's something in my heart, it hates the light; I can't find my place so I stay up all night, walkin' round from room to room with a knife in my hand.

She's always askin' why I like watching people die, and why I get my kicks while others scream and cry. And my friends think that I'm sick, or maybe uneducated. And my family doesn't want to admit that they are related. Now monsters and madmen who rape and mutilate are perfect entertainment when I take her on a date. You can shove your sparkly vampires and family comedies. Give me blood and beasts and boobs; them sacred triple Bs.
Don't ask me why, 'cause I don't know. Don't close your eyes; enjoy the show.
'Cause I'm a gorehound, hellbound, horror movie lover. I like my voyeurism with a glass of red rum. 'Cause I'm a gorehound, hellbound horror movie lover. Good and evil are just colors on the spectrum.
1,2,3,4. Nail her to the bedroom floor. 5,6,7,8. Rape and kill and mutilate.
Now who could kill a child? Whoever slew Auntie Roo? Someone's knocking at the door and they're here to visit you. Now baby don't look now, but I'm sure there's nothing out there, but horror rises from the tomb and traps you in your nightmare. Now girlfriend come with me to a land of make believe. Or is it based on facts? It turns me on when I should grieve. You say my head is fucked, with a dark and twisted heart. Well I say that it's cathartic; just another form of art.

Halloween Theme (Instrumental)

Pagan Holiday
Part 1: A Celebration
Part 2: Dormant
Part 3: Revenge
Black cats, scurrying rats, flapping bats and heart attacks. Paint your faces green and act obscene, 'cause it's Halloween. Goblins, spooks, and vampires too. Werewolves come to chew on you. The jack-o-lanterns start to grin, so let the tricks and treats begin on HALLOWEEN.
Fires crackle while I hold you tight. The witches cackle as they fly the night. The devils all come out to play and frighten children 'til night is day. Now let's go visit the haunted grave. Take my hand, we must be brave. And afterwards we'll get our fortunes read, but when the sun comes up we'll both be dead until next HALLOWEEN.

The sky is gray. The leaves are falling on the ground and old man winter's comin' round. One festive night and then it's gone without a sound, but death follows me around. 
I don't know if I can take another year. It's so cold and I know my faith is dying here. You tease me with what I know I'll never reach. I pray thee, but I won't cry I won't beseech. 
I'm rolling up in my cocoon. I'm changing with the fullness of the moon. Don't take away the only love I know. My sacrifice if I ever want to glow. So I can't win you're making me choose between my love and my sin. 
And I thought I was an angel, but I was wrong. I'm with the others and I've been here all along. Will you punish me because I'm made in your blood? Do I fly in the storm, or do I wallow in the mud? 
'Cause I've been lost for years, but I'm not coming back. The guilt suffocates me and turns my soul black. So don't blame the Devil for the shit that you've done. You've made this mess and you're just having fun with those who are able to see.

She was a pretty girl; a treasure to him. She was the purpose of his life. And when they came they took his flower from him. Those wicked men they killed his wife. It was on Halloween when they found their way in. He wasn't home, they were aware. She prayed for death as they indulged their sin. When he returned he found her there.
So now's your chance, it may not be right. Do you run and tell or do you stay and fight? Rage fills your mind; you were a man without sin. It's two against one; you'll never win.
But you just can't care. There's blood everywhere.
It was a could night when you let yourself in. They both were armed, you did not care. And one by one your torment seized each culprit. Police found no bodies anywhere.
There was no mercy shown when they broke into your home and ravished your lovely wife before taking her life. There's a beast in all who dwell on this Earth that is our hell. Suppress it if you can, but it's inside every man. Did you feel no remorse when you disciplined with force? Was it justice from above? Did you punish them with love? Or was it could hard revenge? Did you earn your way to Hell? Will God forgive your sin? Well that depends on who you tell.
There was blood everywhere, but you just could not care.

Paint It Black

Terror Trippin' 2


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    1. I'm not sure where it will be available online yet. Will know soon. Thanks Andi.

  2. I can't wait to hear it. Where else will it be available, for us unfortunate souls who can't make it to Horrorhound?

    1. I think other than being available digitally online, you'll only be able to get it at shows or ordering it from I'll have more info soon when I get to see the vinyl. Sorry girl.

  3. do you think you could do a concert in Colombia ? ... i'd really love to see you guys on concert ...

  4. Joe, are you still making art?