Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bug-Eye Ghost

The only Ghostbusters toys I owned when I was a kid were the GhostZapper and the Slimer that came with food accessories. I cherished those toys until they disappeared. I had always wanted the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, but it just wasn't meant to be--well, at least not until this last summer when I got my stubs on two Stay Pufts, one Slimer, a GhostZapper, a Ghost Popper, and two Bug-Eye Ghosts, all via eBay and/or the local Kokomo Toys & Collectibles shop. I had borrowed the Ghostbusters DVD box set from my mom so my oldest son could experience the 1980's classic. Well, both of my boys fell in love with the movie, and now my three year old requests to listen to the Ghostbusters theme song nearly every morning since I introduced it to him. So I'm doing my part to keep awesomeness alive.

Anyway, though I never owned the Bug-Eye Ghost when I was a kid, nor do I remember knowing that he existed back then, I went ahead and bought myself one as well for no other reason than to give him some new skin. My boys weren't about to let me paint theirs, but I just couldn't get over the amount of detail on this figure. I had to paint him, and yesterday I finally had a moment to sit down and do just that. Check him out.

Also, if anybody has any information on the artist responsible for sculpting this figure, please please share with me. Thanks!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

More Mumpkins!

Here's the second batch of Mumpkins available at my store tomorrow evening.
This first batch sold out quickly, so don't delay.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mumpkins are here!

Hey all, three Mumpkins are available in my store. Each is uniquely painted and cast from a mold made from my original sculpture. He stands 5" tall and comes with a magnet featuring an original Mumpkin illustration. These guys make perfect decorations for Halloween. Available at I tentatively plan to paint three more and make them available in about a week if time permits. Thanks so much for looking, guys!
Mumpkin #1

Mumpkin #2

Mumpkin #3

Original artwork

Friday, October 4, 2013

Harley Poe Halloween 2013 (and other good news)

Hey all, Harley Poe Halloween is on its way and you can hear us play our new album from start to finish along with all our classics. So be sure to make your way to at least one of the several Halloween shows we'll be doing this month. We'll have our new record Pagan Holiday for sale on CD and vinyl, and on the 26th an exclusive purple record will be available at the Ohio show. We'll also have new glow-in-the-dark t-shirts available only at these Halloween shows.
Poster Design by Nathan Hanneman
Here are the dates:
Oct. 11th at The Brass Rail in Fort Wayne, Indiana
Oct. 12th at The Well in Knoxville, Tennessee
Oct. 19th at Foam City in Lafayette, Indiana
Oct. 25th at 3rd Street Dive in Louisville, Kentucky
Oct. 26 at The Northside Tavern in Cincinnati, Ohio
Nov. 1st at Generic in South Bend, Indiana
Nov. 2nd at the Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis, Indiana
We'll also be playing in Saline, Michigan on November 16th if you can't make a Halloween show.

There is info for most of these shows on our Facebook: So Google this shit, do some research, get off your asses and come celebrate with us this Halloween.

Also, I just did a podcast interview with the Church of the Holy Weirdo's Richie Yates. Check it out here: I usually hate interviews because I malfunction often and it's a scary thought knowing that my ramblings will be forever floating around on the internet, but this good fellow held my hand the whole way through and shopped for panties for me afterwards. Go check out the website and then watch his charming short films here: Here was my introduction to his work. Enjoy!

And now some more news! Watch this video:
Want one of those guys? Want one painted by me? If so, go support the Kickstarter:

Okay, one last thing. My buddy Kevan Chandler wrote a book. It's a zombie book with old people. He had me write the introduction to it, so of course I had to read it first. It was a quick read. Exciting, funny, and it actually had a very touching message. Support this guy; he deserves it. Then go become his good pal on Facebook:

Oh wait! I have more! Remember my last post just the other day regarding fucking up my Mumpkin character? No? Well scroll down, asshole! It's a sad story, but due to a little encouragement from my wife and some cronies on the October Toys forum I decided to give my little guy one last chance. Here's a teaser. Stay tuned.

These limited edition resin Mumpkins will be custom painted and available at my store throughout this month. This busy busy month.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


This is Mumpkin. I sculpted him a week ago and realized I had not enough silicone mix to make a mold. So I dished out another $80 and ordered another bucket of the shit. This guy was supposed to be my new project available this Halloween with some 2D artwork, but now I plan to put him on the shelf. Maybe I'll attempt to mold him next year.

But before I do that I'll have to fix him. I'll need to get out the polymer clay and touch up some spots as well as glue his head back on. As I write this post I am fuming. I am disappointed and so angry, but I have no one to blame but myself.

First of all, this figure required a two part mold and I tried to make it a one part. Secondly, I didn't mix enough silicone and was in a hurry so I eyeballed more mixture, that as you can see, did not cure over night. So I had an uncured mold with a figure trapped inside. Stupid...just stupid.

Expensive silicone wasted. Time wasted. I feel like I neglected my boys so I could get this guy finished in time to sell at the beginning of October and now I have nothing to show for it. I'm a bit too dispirited to try again so I'm just going to take a break and reflect. 

So upsetting.