Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chess Club!!!

I've been sculpting a chess set. I'm going to create the board today, and later this week I'll begin on the other pieces. Here are my first finished figures. I'm very excited about this project, because I love chess and I love sculpting creepy little things. I can't wait to do more. So many creature ideas are coming to mind for each side. I'll have this piece for sale at my Etsy shop when it is finished. Stay tuned for a Valentine movie review and the song of the month. Thanks for caring.


  1. Heading to Illinois for a few days come Wednesday. Wish i had enough time to head out to Indiana for a game or twenty. Also for the movies you watch I have a recommendation, "Monsters". It is kind of a romance with giant aliens as a backdrop. But I loved how that panned out really. It was refreshing to see a movie where the monster was formidable and scary, but also just another part of life that people had to deal with.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation, Kyle. I've had that in my Amazon cart for a few weeks now. Really looking forward to seeing it. I'll go ahead and order it.