Saturday, March 31, 2012

Frankie Stein and his ghouls

Next month my band Harley Poe will be releasing an album on vinyl for the first time.  Initially it wasn't a huge deal to me, but then I bought a new Crosley USB turntable for my Birthday.  As my record collection has grown and I've managed to acquire some very rare gems, I've become much more enthusiastic about this release.  Of course the album is available now at our shows on compact disc, but let's face it, that form of media is becoming obsolete.  It's going the way of the eight track and cassette tape.  Who cares about CDs when it's so much easier to purchase an album online and simply download it to your phone to have it with you at all times.  New technology caters towards convenience.  Tangible media takes up space, takes effort to purchase and play, and if not taken care of, eventually breaks.  Music no longer needs palpable packaging.
But for some of us, cover art is important.  Actually holding the record in hand before listening to it is assurance that it's a possession worth owning, not just a download that took no effort to procure.  Being involved with the whole process of listening to a record is an enjoyable and calming experience, especially if you're one who enjoys turning over the record, placing the needle, and appreciating a more plump and richer sound, not a digital imitation.  For people like us, vinyl records aren't going anywhere.
Even before I got my new record player (I did have one as a kid, of course) I collected Halloween records just for the cover art.  Now I also get to listen to these forgotten classics as well as appreciate the art.  Lately, finding old novelty records having to do with anything spooky has become an obsession of mine.  Throughout the year, I'll be posting the covers of some of my favorite finds so far.  Below are five records I've gotten hold of within the last few months that I just can't listen to enough.  At the end of the day when the boys go to bed, I pour some scotch, head towards my den, and relax to some spooky stories or monster music on vinyl.  What a weirdo. 

I believe Frankie Stein and his ghouls were a studio band put together to cash in on the monster craze in the early 60s.  It's hard to find information on them and I came across them by chance, but I'm glad I did.  Their albums consist of  instrumental surf, rock 'n' roll, and swinging tunes with weird and spooky noises laid over them.  I love it!!!  I recommend this site for more info on Frankie:


  1. Thats awesome. U need to come play a concert in missouri again lol. But anyway u need to put up a link for ur lyrics to ur songs.

  2. I love Frankie Stein and His Ghouls. Been wanting to try and pick up their LPs for some time now.

    If you haven't heard them, you should check out these two 45s. This artist Count Lorry and the Biters did this great song called "Frankenstein Stomp." Also, this 50's tv horror host, Baron Daemon, from New York put out a 45. He did "The Transylvania Twist. Both can be found on youtube, but the actual records seem to be kinda hard to find, or at least I haven't found them.

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  4. Actually, he's from the 60's.

    Unfortunately, the 45's don't amazing album work like these do.

  5. Gorm, what lyrics are you looking for?

    Hobo, thanks for the info. Will definitely be looking for those artists and songs.

  6. Looking for lyrics to ima killer, stick it in the man, and that time of the month lol their all awesome just need some lyrics to go with the music lol. Oh yeah have to say herschell goes to heaven is really kool. U got mad skills keep up the good work and cant wait till satan, sex, and no regrets is out.

  7. Gorm, lyrics to "Stick it in the Man":

    when I was a young boy I used to play with barbie dolls
    I'd go to school and I'd get picked on in the halls
    dad said "Dip shit, you ain't got the balls
    to take what you want, tell everyone else fuck you"
    well I respect you but I'm gonna prove you wrong
    I'll write a song and the kids are gonna sing along
    I'll start a punk band and we'll play this little song
    and we will take what we want tell everyone else fuck you
    make up your own mind and stick it in the man
    he'll hold you back if he can don't let him NO
    I'm gonna make it I'm gonna talk shit
    Good Lord told me it was time
    I've been faithful yes I have
    I put on that holy salve
    it's time to howl it's time to shine
    I went to church one day I saw her standing there
    she had pink pouty lips and such a lovely pair
    of big brown sparkling eyes and long blonde dirty hair
    but she said you can't have this
    I'm holding out for a better dude fuck you
    I didn't like those words so I took her anyway
    and after a couple years she began to say
    "I'm glad you made me yours that bloody awful day
    when you pumped me up good and hard that summer night
    in your back yard it was hard"
    but what else could I do? monsters need love too
    I work a shitty job but I'm quitting very soon
    I've devised myself a plan and it's happening high noon
    there'll be a massacre hitting harder than a mean typhoon
    there'll be a bloody trail left behind
    a deadly sign the Master's on my side
    I'm tired of working for the man his dreams are not my own
    I made a deal with God I'm taking out a loan
    I'll spread his Holy Word to each and every home
    and there'll be fire and death and blood and guts
    and gore and brimstone.

    Lyrics to the other two songs are found in the "Satan, Sex and No Regrets" post. Thanks.