Monday, December 30, 2013

Metacrypt: Shub Zeroth

I broke down and bought myself a Shub Zeroth figure for my Christmas present this year. Painting vinyl figures is new for me, and I never imagined I'd put so much money down on a plastic toy, but ever since getting a hold of October Toys' Deadbeet a few months back I am so hooked!  I've been finding myself searching online art and toy shops for blank vinyl figures I can add to my collection. It's torture discovering these amazing artists along with their wild creations that I just can hardly afford.

This Shub Zeroth figure was designed by Justin "Hateball" Jewett and Brian Ewing and sculpted by Siccaluna Koubo...and painted by yours truly.

And here are some shots of Shub next to Scott Tolleson's Deadbeet, sculpted by George Gaspar and painted by me:

As always, thank you for looking.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Random Projects

Here are some illustrations I've done recently. This one below was meant to be a poster or postcard available along with the OMFG Series 3 figures, which by the way are for sale here: I'm not sure if postcards will ever get made, so I'm showing off my design here.

Next we have an illustration I just finished for a friend on the October Toys forum. This is Beast Blossom, one of Angela Pileggi's cute little creations. She has been designing and sculpting mini figures called Amusing Mini Paranormals (AMP). Check out her shop here: or visit her on the October Toys forum:

Here is a photo of one of her little guys I painted with a Beast Blossom figure in the background. Stay tuned for a possible Kickstarter involving her AMP figures, and be sure to check out her art thread over at the October Toys forum to see her other minis.

And as always, thank you so much for looking.