Wednesday, May 29, 2013

TMNT Repaint: Hothead

Hothead was released in 1992 and was part of the original TMNT toy line. This was the last great year for these action figures in my opinion. Newer Turtle figures continue to be produced, but I don't think they'll ever be as cool as the original line, at least when it comes to the sculpts of the villains.  Sadly, by the time Hothead came out I had already sold my Turtle figure collection to my little brother. I found his Hothead at my mom's house last summer and took him home. I tracked down all the missing accessories on eBay and ordered myself an extra figure to paint up.  

I do like the original colors on this fella, but so many of the sculptor's details were ignored, so it was time to give him a new look. I hope I did him justice. I did my best to bring out more of his spots and I made sure to  give his human arm and leg a flesh tone; those limbs getting left red was one of the things that always bothered me about this figure's paint job. Thanks for looking

Monday, May 27, 2013

New Harley Poe Shirts! Jessica Monster Design! Taking Orders!

Hey all, the owner of Chain Smoking Records wrote me one morning to let me know someone had sent this design to the office. I fell in love with it and showed it off on the Harley Poe Facebook page.  A lot of other people liked it too and someone came forward and gave credit to a Jessica Monster. I checked out some of her other work and realized what a gem she is.  Being one to exploit and use others, I've decided to make this amazing design into an exclusive (at the moment) t-shirt for online sale only.
Jessica Monster Harley Poe T-Shirt

They will be printed on black shirts unless there is an overwhelming request for another color, and I'll be taking orders starting NOW! If you want one write me at with the subject title JESSICA SHIRT with your name, address, quantity, color preference, and size you want.  Be prepared to lay down $20 for the shirt and shipping and handling.  At the end of June once all orders are in I'll get these babies made and send them out by the end of July. Any extra money that accrues beyond production fees and shipping costs from online orders will go into making more t-shirts for Fandom Fest at the end of July, at which Harley Poe will have a booth.  So go now, get a hold of me and order yourself one of these awesome tees. But first take a look at some of Jessica's other AMAZING art:

To get to know her, commission art work, or to just let her know what an awesome artist she is, check out: or write her at Now let's get these shirts made.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Shirtle & Crawdad Kid

Here is the last OMFG fan design I'll do for awhile. These fellas are Shirtle and Crawdad Kid, two of my favorite figures. Does anyone get the movie reference?   Also, voting for Series 4 ends this Friday, so don't hesitate to register and vote for your five favorite designs

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cry-Borg & Multiskull

Here is an illustration I finished up last night. This is Cry-Borg (created by Andrew Scribner) and Multiskull (created by Charles Marsh). They are part of the OMFG mini figure line. Right now, until May 24th, the community at is voting for their five favorite designs to be made into the next OMFG line. Yours truly has submitted a design and his hoping it's liked well enough to become part of mini figure history. Follow this link, register (it just takes a minute), and vote for the next five winners. Get involved. Support cool art. Collect cool toys.