Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Earwig the Insectien vs. Orcco the Everfolk

I drew this battle scene for fellow musician and artist Bryan Borgman (Stratos) with whom I'm acquainted through the October Toys forums. These are just two of his characters from the tabletop miniatures game KAIJU KAOS: SMACKDOWN.  To find out more about what this talented guy has going for him check out http://baileyrecords.comhttp://kaijukaos.comhttp://achesoncreations.com or find him on Facebook.

And also, it's voting time for OMFG Series 4. http://www.octobertoys.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=40&sid=02c353e3f74a0bc3f052687e8bcbdcd6 Register and vote for five designs you'd just love to see as mini figures. It's easy to do and only takes a minute.  I've submitted my BrainWaves character for this series and would be grateful and overjoyed if he were to get voted into the top five. Thanks guys.
Go there now. Vote.

Oh, and also, I apologize for not having the next two letters of my alphabet book posted, but I promise it will be soon. C is finished and D is on the way. stay tuned.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Harley Poe: Man of God 10" Vinyl

Two nights ago Greggy and I went to Fort Wayne and picked up Harley Poe's new single Man of God. When we got back to Kokomo Gregg made dinner, we popped the record on, and assembled the sleeves. I have to admit, I am so giddy about this record.  Not only is it a 10 inch, which is something you don't see much anymore, but the vinyl is GLOW IN THE DARK!! Being a collector of action figures and Halloween props that glow in the dark, this release gets my tics workin' over time.  I keep finding myself in the bathroom with the lights off, drooling over this gorgeous piece of plastic.
So, who wants one? This is a limited release of only 300 copies.  200 are the standard black, leaving the glow in the dark vinyl to just 100 copies, which are all unique records. The excitement is overwhelming! I'm really not sure how Chain Smoking Records plans to distribute these, but the band will be releasing a hundred of them this coming Saturday the 20th at the Melody Inn in Indianapolis at the Crazy Dayz weekend show brought to you by Lazy Hawk Promotions (See our facebook for more info). The label gave us 75 black and only 25 green, so don't hesitate to cancel your weekend plans and take a drive to Indy.
But if you can't make the show you can order yours here: http://www.chainsmokingrecords.com/store/item/CSR020/ but I'm not sure which color you'll receive. You're also welcome to join the band at the Brass Rail on the 26th of this month for our Fort Wayne release, where we'll have the remaining glow in the dark vinyls for sale. Side A has the single with another new song and the B side features cuts from the Satan Sex sessions, one of which was released on Rue Morgue Magazine's Hymns from the House of Horror Vol. 3 compilation.  I've posted the lyrics of all four songs below.  Please, thank you, and you're welcome. 

Man of God
You wanna kill the fags and rape the whores, put ‘em in a cell and lock the doors
Make the coloreds do what they are told just like in the days of old
Make us go to church every Sunday morn, flush the drugs and hide the porn
That’s how God wants us to live, only then will he forgive
I wanna help you but I don’t like what’s in your head
I wanna help you but I don’t like what’s in your head oh no
We’ll be safer when you’re dead
Breeder preacher politician, claim God’s put you on a mission
To spread your hate around the Earth while believing in that virgin birth
Now God is great and God is good, but maybe he’s just misunderstood
So invade the lands that don’t believe, it’s them not you who deceive
I am black and you are white, I am wrong and you are right
God speaks to you, not to me, I am blind but you can see
But why should I live just like you and suppress the flesh the way you do
When I can live a life that’s free, come follow Satan with me J

Phantom in Your Mind
Death has always fascinated me, but nothing could have prepared us for that day
Are you better off without me now that time is standing still?
I’m sorry my love that I had to go away
But I followed you to work the other day
It amazes me how cruel this world can be
You spend your day helping the ungrateful and the sick
But nothing you could do could revive me
And I’ll follow you around, you don’t even know
‘Cause I’m just a phantom in your mind
And sometimes you cry and I think that I should go
But I’ll follow you until it’s your time
I noticed that our oldest has been getting picked on
I’m frustrated, is there nothing I can do?
I wish I had the power to bring you all to me
Or figure out a way to get back to you
Who was that gentleman at the front door?
He’s been coming ‘round for a month or so
Does he help you forget the sadness in your heart?
Well it’s breaking mine and I wish that he would go
We’ve heard it said a million times or more
You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it ain’t there
On the outside looking in, let me go back there again
But I’ll follow you until you meet me here

Olivia, Object of My Infection
I got my figures on the wall, comics stacked up in the hall
I got a movie in my DVD player
I got my music that I love and a girl sent from above
I got my problems but they seem so little next to her
Man oh man I got no money, spent it all on my new honey
I got you and you got me and that’s all that we need
No one seems to understand me, lay there still don’t ever leave
I’m feeling sad you’re all I have so baby hear my plea
And even though I can’t converse with you, there are so many other things that we can do
As you lay there lifeless on my bed, you’re never really living so you can’t be dead
You’ll never die so tears won’t be shed
So you think that I’m so cool, not like I was back in school
I didn’t have a friend and everyone was mean
Introverted and I know it and I’m not afraid to show it
‘Cause there’s no one here like me, it’s my scene
Man oh man I can’t relate to others and it feels so great
I don’t need people, don’t need friends, I only want my toys
Loving you it must be sin, I’m talking to myself again
That’s okay ‘cause momma said I’m not like other boys
Olivia you’re not a real female, but you’ll work for me
You’ll be there when relationships fail
Olivia your skin it feels so real
On the internet is where I got this great deal

Corpse Grindin’ Man
Relationships are in the pits and nothing’s going right
I’ll take a trip to the graveyard and I’ll pick out a site
A fresh new grave, a corpse I crave, I’ll dig her up tonight
She won’t scream or cuss or raise a fuss and we won’t ever fight
Now I know the chances were so slim for you and I to date
But I thank God for mortality, now you can be my mate
I know that you’ve been dead awhile, I honestly don’t mind
‘Cause you still have that tender smile, you’ve always been so kind
Cold and wet and dirty, you’re looking mighty purty
But I just don’t understand, why a dead girl’s got to be the one true love for me
I’m a corpse grindin’ man
Now I’ll dress you in that lingerie that I bought for myself
I’ll paint you in the make-up that’s been sitting on my shelf
And you and I will have a ball I swear to God it’s true
‘Cause baby you were meant for me and I was meant for you
Be dead for me my baby, oh baby you’re breaking my heart
Be dead for me my baby, oh baby ‘til death do we start
Your skin it has turned gray and there’s puss oozing out your eyes
But it doesn’t bother me ‘cause you won’t ever tell me lies
Relationships I’ve had in the past have fucked me up for good
But I know you’ll never leave me baby, oh even if you could

Friday, April 12, 2013

Grimm Gourd & Baby Deadbeet

Here's some fan art I just finished. I plan to do a lot more.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Alien Custom Repaint

Back in '97 when the movie Alien Resurrection played in theaters, Kenner released six awesome, very detailed Alien figures in stores.  I remember picking up Ripley, Call, Warrior Alien, and Newborn Alien at the local Meijer (or was it Walmart?) along with special gold edition VHS tapes of all four of the Alien films.  I'm not sure what happened to my Newborn Alien, but I recently sold Call and Ripley on eBay.  I kept my Warrior Alien because save for his almost nonexistent paint job, the toy has always been my favorite of all my Alien figures.  I even prefer this figure over the whole McFarlane Toys Alien line (which I recently sold off on eBay).  I lost his box long ago and over time the plastic has slowly begun to bend at the ankles, making it so he can't even stand up anymore.  Since his paint job has never impressed me I decided to give him some new colors along with a base to help him stand, but since these Aliens are pretty much always black the task didn't present much of a challenge.  His new look was going to be that of an albino Alien, but this is what turned out... 

I'm very happy with this one. I hope you like.


Monday, April 1, 2013

ABC Monstrosity: Letters A and B

I wrote an alphabet book last year and had begun to illustrate it too, then I realized that no children's book publisher is ever going to touch my work.  I've tried it all before.  Not only would I be fooling myself to think any self-respected publishing house would ever give a sick puppy like me the time of day, but I keep getting sidetracked with other projects.  I was supposed to have this book finished by August, but I'm just now completing the illustration for the letter C. I'm thinking maybe if I commit to posting two letters at a time at least once every month I'll finish the alphabet a lot quicker than just planning to self publish and shop it around whenever it just happens to get finished.  So, if anybody out there wants to see C is for Clown and D is for Dolls, then by all means hold me to this goal I've arbitrarily set for myself just minutes ago. Happy Fools' Day.

A is for Alligator; It eats things alive.

B is for Buzz; a sound near the hive.