Wednesday, March 21, 2012


 I wrote and illustrated this story a few years back along with my Herschell and Gordon tales.  I was going through my portfolio the other day and came across it.  I can't find the poem that went with it, but the band Mercury Radio Theater used it for their live shows a couple years ago.  During the show, a female narrator with a British accent read the story, and certain features from each illustration were animated.  I would love to have seen it.  Well, anyway, I haven't posted any drawings in awhile and would hate for these to just get lost in the shuffle, so please enjoy.  Here's to hoping one day Mercury will release this story with an album.


  1. What happened to "Mad rantings..."?? Anyway, it's not Satan, Sex, and No Regrets that's gotten you all those Harley Poe fans, yo, it's the Calibretto tag-a-longs! Fun birthday times had, brothah. Thanks for coming out, as always, good to see you. Don't forget about objective truths. Hold that stone in the center of you! See you later. Sorry I talk too much.

  2. I can't think of a title. Having trouble coming up with something that envelopes the whole blog. Sheesh. Yeah, I had lots of fun last night. I don't think many Calibretto fans listen to Harley Poe, silly.