Saturday, December 31, 2011

Harley Poe Show

So I guess Harley Poe has a show this next Friday at the Melody Inn.  We're also playing there late February, so I thought this one had been cancelled.  No biggie, we love that bar.  Come see us if you have nothing to do. We're playing with the DeadFrets and one of the members of Slothpop.  The show will probably start around 9 or 10, but we won't go on until about Midnight.  Be there.


  1. come play in pensacola, fl at the naval air station. hearing fucked up things is next to godliness to us sailors! ...that and The Village People.

  2. Would LOVE to! A few years back we played at a bar just down the street from where the Village People were playing. I regret missing them!