Sunday, April 17, 2011

Important Person

18"x24" charcoal portrait took about 3 1/2 hours in the comfort of my living room while the boob tube blasted with nonsense and my wife lay suffering from TMJ on the couch.Matt Bunn ladies and gentlemen, Matt Bunn. This dude came by last night about 10pm. We began about 10:30 and finished a little after 2am. I feel this is my most accomplished portrait, maybe due to rendering this already handsome man into a beautiful, Americanized Jesus. You're welcome Matty, but enough about the portrait. Let's explore Bunn the person. When I first met this guy I had no intentions of becoming his friend, but the asshole invited me out for a drink on my birthday and we've been buds ever since. I've known him for almost a decade now, but I'm not sure how well I really know him. Carefully selected adjectives come to mind when I think of him, though many contradict each other: atheistic, hedonistic, inconsiderate, selfish, cheap, perverted, instigative, sincere, thoughtful, kind, moral, intelligent, good-natured, faithful, affable. He loves the Beatles, Captain America, baseball, and pizza. Bunn is a predictable All-American, clean cut kid, and at the same time a total anomaly; a veritable walking contradiction. He's simple, yet so hard to read. But the one thing you can count on with this man is his dedication to his friends. It's hard to find a crony as self-sacrificing as Bunn. You need a wing man? A security blanket? A bowling mate? Matt Bunn will find a way.


  1. This is seriously amazing. I'm speechless. Great work Joe and the blog was hilarious. A+ my friend.

    Brad Dougan

  2. Thanks Missy. Thanks Brad. So glad you guys like it. Bunn was a pleasure to draw.