Monday, April 25, 2011

The Breeder

It’s near the end of spring. At 6:00 AM, outside a remote trailer park just off an old country road, an explosion is heard by the denizens. Further investigation reveals a huge crater, but no sign of a meteorite or anything else for that matter—just footprints starting at the center of the hole, heading toward the park. The prints are simply oval shaped, indicating no heels or toes, but a jelly-like substance is left in each one. This is just the beginning of a twenty-four hour stretch of terror for the occupants living in these trailers, for in one of the homes hides a beast cruel, unusual, and extremely horny.

Whether a beast from Hell, or a creature from outer space, the Breeder has one purpose.
It has come here to mate, and if its phallus can't accomplish that goal, then its fingers will.
SEE Earth girls ravished! WITNESS the men they love torn to pieces! WATCH as the Breeder achieves his goal of creating hideousness!!

Run, Earth girls, run!!!