Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bug-Eye Ghost

The only Ghostbusters toys I owned when I was a kid were the GhostZapper and the Slimer that came with food accessories. I cherished those toys until they disappeared. I had always wanted the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, but it just wasn't meant to be--well, at least not until this last summer when I got my stubs on two Stay Pufts, one Slimer, a GhostZapper, a Ghost Popper, and two Bug-Eye Ghosts, all via eBay and/or the local Kokomo Toys & Collectibles shop. I had borrowed the Ghostbusters DVD box set from my mom so my oldest son could experience the 1980's classic. Well, both of my boys fell in love with the movie, and now my three year old requests to listen to the Ghostbusters theme song nearly every morning since I introduced it to him. So I'm doing my part to keep awesomeness alive.

Anyway, though I never owned the Bug-Eye Ghost when I was a kid, nor do I remember knowing that he existed back then, I went ahead and bought myself one as well for no other reason than to give him some new skin. My boys weren't about to let me paint theirs, but I just couldn't get over the amount of detail on this figure. I had to paint him, and yesterday I finally had a moment to sit down and do just that. Check him out.

Also, if anybody has any information on the artist responsible for sculpting this figure, please please share with me. Thanks!


  1. I think I'm in love!

    This was my favourite as a youngster, and he still sits on top of my book-case today. I always felt really clever saying to grown-ups - "How many eyes has he got?"

    They'd always answer "Three", but then I'd point out that creepy little fourth eye...

    1. Awesome! Yeah, that extra eye is hard to spot. I almost forgot to paint it. He is such a neat toy. I wish I knew who sculpted it.