Monday, March 11, 2013

The Scandalmongers

Let's take a break from my OMFG obsession for just a minute and talk about a band from Indiana called The Scandalmongers.  The front man for this group, Reid Chancellor, has been writing me for quite a few years now. In a strange way (and as silly as it sounds), I feel like I've sort of watched this kid grow up over the years.  I used to watch YouTube videos of him and his friends dicking around in front of the camera making silly skits. Their amateur productions made me smile.

Last month Reid got a hold of me to illustrate the cover for The Scandalmongers' second CD release called Uglies. He linked me to some of their songs and sent me a copy of their first album Child Songs. I have to admit, this isn't music to which I normally listen or even care for, but I couldn't ignore the catchy melodies and powerful vocals. There are a number of songs on their first album that I found myself playing over and over again. I was looking forward to illustrating the cover for their new album, but more than that I really just wanted to hear how much the band could possibly improve from their first album.

Well the new CD arrived a week or two ago with my artwork on the cover and seven rockin' songs with better production value than the first album. The songs are also a little heavier and faster this time around.  The band has tightened up and Reid's vocals are golden. It's safe to say I really enjoy the new CD.  I honestly think, if delivered to the right people, these guys have potential to really go somewhere. The music is catchy and very radio friendly. Reid's lyrics deal with love, religion, growing up, anxiety, and other issues in which every human being can relate. These kids are talented musicians and I can't stress enough how impressed I am with Reid's voice.  To be honest, my only minor disappointment with the new album is that their first release had a good number of songs that slowed down and got quiet enough to really highlight Reid's singing, while the new one doesn't take as much time to do that.  Still, great work guys. I've been listening to it since it arrived.

Check 'em out here and support underground, independent musicians that do good work:
Their CD release show is March 23rd in Evansville, Indiana.

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  1. I use a bronze craft paint, and then hit it with a heavy green wash. So far, no one has complained and I've gotten a couple of compliments.