Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Selling Sculptures at HorrorHound Weekend

Hey all, some of you know that my band Harley Poe will be playing HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati, OH, just days from now on the 23rd.  My good buddy and drummer Cristian Riquleme recommended that I bring some of my sculptures to sell since we'll have a free booth for the weekend, so I've selected four creations that I would have attempted to sell online if it weren't for the fragility of each piece. These four sculptures were created using polymer clay with either withered branches or flowers, or random metal parts, or both. They were painted with acrylics and are meant for display high above where children and accident-prone friends can't reach them. Feel free to take a look and contact me via if interested in purchasing.  I have the prices labeled under each piece.  I'll also be selling my monster buttons at the convention if anyone is interested.  I don't have many left so don't miss out if you dig 1950's influenced monster art.

Three Ghosts SOLD

Robot Monster SOLD

Halloween SOLD

Old Devil SOLD

Thanks for looking guys, and hopefully I'll see some of you at HorrorHound Weekend.

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