Monday, November 25, 2013

Sick Box and Custom Painted TMNT Groundchuck

I've begun work on my 3rd and final resin creature for the year 2013. I'm calling him Sick Box and will have three uniquely painted pieces available in my store very soon. I'll also have three Buddy Dungs available in strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. Yum! Vanilla flavored shit sounds delicious! 

I used up the rest of my resin for this year. After these Sick Boxes sell, I won't be making any of these fellas available for awhile. I've got some new ideas brewing.

Also, over the weekend I custom painted Groundchuck from Playmates original TMNT toy series. I never had this character as a kid, but my brother did and I've always thought he was a neat figure. I believe he is a David Arshawsky sculpt. He must be, because the details in this figure are incredible, and that's what makes Arshawsky's work so freakin' awesome. If this figure wasn't originally sculpted by Arshawsky, somebody please let me know. It's hard to find the artists responsible for these bizarre and amazing characters.

As always, thanks so much for looking!

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