Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bucky O'Hare, Wingnut, and Screwloose

Hi everybody. I haven't posted about anything in awhile. I've been a bit busy with Harley Poe's new album and upcoming shows, and I've been working on some surprises in my studio.  I'm really starting to get that casting thing down, finally. Sheesh, what a headache...  We'll, anyway, I've done a couple repaints within the last few weeks that I've failed to show off here, so to waste just a bit more of your precious time:

Bucky O'Hare and Wingnut & Screwloose have teamed up to fight bad guys. I've only done subtle changes to Bucky, but I've given Wingnut a completely new look with an outfit that matches Bucky's, and a skin tone that makes him look a bit more human-into-bat mutation rather than vice versa. Though I think he is originally an alien and not a mutation at all. Whatever. I hope you dig.

I also changed a couple things on my General Tragg. I was never really happy with him; I think it's because I had given him purple undies, but I think the white makes for better contrast with his color and it helps to even out his skimpy He-Man wardrobe. I also sprayed him with a matte finish that has covered the glossy look I had given him initially. Now I like him. It's amazing what simple changes can do.
 Thanks for looking. I will have Harley Poe updates soon, along with some other nonsense.


  1. Screwloose looks FANTASTIC. Never realised he was wearing a vest until now!

    1. Ha! Thanks man! Hey, I picked up a copy of the Bucky O'Hare trade. I really enjoyed it. And my boy and I have been watching the cartoons on YouTube. Thanks!

  2. Good to know! If he's young enough it could be the beginning of a lifelong obsession :D