Saturday, April 6, 2013

Alien Custom Repaint

Back in '97 when the movie Alien Resurrection played in theaters, Kenner released six awesome, very detailed Alien figures in stores.  I remember picking up Ripley, Call, Warrior Alien, and Newborn Alien at the local Meijer (or was it Walmart?) along with special gold edition VHS tapes of all four of the Alien films.  I'm not sure what happened to my Newborn Alien, but I recently sold Call and Ripley on eBay.  I kept my Warrior Alien because save for his almost nonexistent paint job, the toy has always been my favorite of all my Alien figures.  I even prefer this figure over the whole McFarlane Toys Alien line (which I recently sold off on eBay).  I lost his box long ago and over time the plastic has slowly begun to bend at the ankles, making it so he can't even stand up anymore.  Since his paint job has never impressed me I decided to give him some new colors along with a base to help him stand, but since these Aliens are pretty much always black the task didn't present much of a challenge.  His new look was going to be that of an albino Alien, but this is what turned out... 

I'm very happy with this one. I hope you like.



  1. I gotta say man, this looks really amazing. Big fan.

  2. Thanks Bradley. Me too. One of the coolest movie creatures ever.

  3. Did you have to sand it first and then apply paint? What kind of paints and sandpaper (if you use it) do you recommend? Thanks!

    1. You did an awesome job, by the way.. really cool and original.