Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our Own Monster Engine

 I had read about Dave Devries' Monster Engine a few years back in an issue of Rue Morgue Magazine and thought what a neat idea to create realistic, three dimensional looking paintings of crude children's drawings. Recently, my wife had found images on of plush toys also designed from the simple drawings of children.  My four year old loves to draw and has lately been coming up with some cool characters in the Spirit of Halloween.  Just the other day he drew a jack-o-lantern with appendages and a mummy that could easily best anything from the mind of Tim Burton.

Well as you can see, I've taken his wonderful little pumpkin man and made him into a three dimensional figure.  I'm going to sculpt his mummy today and I can't get to it quickly enough.  Forming this character into clay was very rewarding.  It was just as exciting for me to sculpt and paint this guy as it was for my son to see his creation come to life.  It's pretty cool to collaborate with my boy on an art project.  Give it a shot with your own kids.

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