Thursday, November 10, 2011

Spooky Chess Set

I began sculpting this set months ago, but I've just now been able to finish it due to moving into a new home and dealing with a rambunctious one year old son...I guess my three year old hasn't made it easy either.  I'm glad I can move onto other things such as working on my ABC book and creating some more Krampus figures for the holiday season.  If I see that enough people are interested in this set I'll start making molds to sell for cheaper prices.  Otherwise, if anyone has an interest in this set, then feel free to contact me via email.  I like these pieces more than my last ones.  Anyone up for a game of chess followed by drinks and a movie?



  1. These are brilliant, Joe! Really awesome job. I love the expression of the king on the colorful side.

  2. Thanks so much Eric! Glad you like.