Sunday, December 5, 2010

Gruss Vom Krampus

I hope you've all been nice this year.



  1. well, it scares me a little bit that your already frightening, but ever so creative, drawings are now 3-D...but, they are really clever.

    and, i must say... i've never seen you draw real people. your portraits are good... and from the first one posted to this last one of dustin, you can see you're getting more used to it. i really think you do a great job on the noses!

    looking forward to seeing you when i am home at're doing such a great job. :)


  2. Thanks Sommer. We should get really drunk over X-mas break. Erin and I really need to go crazy! Going to be fun!!!!

  3. Bring him to life and set him free!!!