Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I've created some new monsters. I'm trying to sculpt two a week, but I find it hard to finish any projects other than homework lately. It seems I'm balancing most of my time between school and my family, but as much technique as I've been learning in my art classes, I still wish I could find more time to do my own projects. I'm not complaining; things are working the way they should. This month I hope to find time to sculpt at least one bird creature, and in December I hope to do two or three monsters that look a bit like the Krampus, just to keep with the Holidays. After that, I'll get back to posting about my favorite movies. Take a look at my family of monstrosities:

Also, we're now attempting portraits in the drawing class I'm attending and I'd like to share my subject. We had to pick someone in the class to draw and Daniel was the perfect model. I didn't spend as much time on his portrait as I'd like, but I knew he was getting tired and I was ready to go home. I plan to do a whole series of portraits of loved ones, friends, and influences, so if you fit the criteria be expecting a text. I've got some ideas brewing and can't wait to start capturing these important people with charcoal. I'll post them as I draw them. I plan to make two of my friends suffer for my art this weekend, but until then check out my first go at it:Be kind, I'll get better. I just need a more comfortable setting and a glass of scotch.

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