Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Astor, 1958, Director: Richard Cunha

Praise the film gods for allowing this cheese fest to be made! This celluloid treasure has everything a beer-and-pretzels-so-bad-it’s-good-movie party could ask for: a German mad scientist known as The Butcher executing ghastly experiments on an island full of blonde beach babes in hopes to make his hideously deformed wife beautiful again; his right-hand man named Igor; Nazi Gestapo imprisoning and torturing the aforesaid beach babes; clumsy fight scenes between the hero and Igor; the good guys’ near death escape from armed soldiers, an erupting volcano, and air force missile raids; and did I mention that the beach babes shake ass to a sexy, ritualistic dance, are clothed in brief two-pieces, and, oh, get morphed into ravenous, flesh-eating SHE DEMONS!?! This film is available on DVD from Image Entertainment. Check this bitch out.

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